Test Automation Service

About This Project

In 2007, HP bought Opsware fo r $1.6 billion cash, which amounted to the 3rd largest acquisition at that time.

HP needed to refactor and enhanced the software and at the same time obtain validity of the software’s correctness and statbility – and requires the process to be automation.

Vortex Innovation Labs LLC assisted in the custom develpoment of Axis, a functional test automation service that is able to handle the scale and complexity breadth of Opsware Server Automation System (SAS).

Axis is a multi-lab, extesible, multi-platform and high performance test automation server- that is capable of handling provisioning of SAS on multi-server platform, running tests categories (smoke, regression, full..) from specific test package version that corresponds to the SAS release.

Axis was succesfully developed, deployed and used by various members of HP software teams.

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