New Product Development

The procedure is similar to MVP process but  goes several step further.

We used a combination of Test Driven Development, CICD and Agile to make sure that quality, correctness, timeliness and predictability are prioritized at day one.

Our Agile projects usually runs about 2 week sprints. We will provide a project tracking software where you can track our progress on a daily basis.  Project progress report will made weekly, with a demo at the end of every iteration.

We develop with the mantra – “we develop only small programs” and “nothing is left uncalled”. Using Test Driven Development, we will capture the operational logic expectation into test cases and developed our modules based on the unit test case expectations.

CICD pipeline will be tailored based on the component and deployment of the product. Integration and deployment process are executed daily.

We will also provide functional test suites to test the integrated components in its staging environment. Functional runtime correctness will be validated against smoke tests, integration tests and regression tests.

If needed, we can also develop and perform benchmarking and profiling tests and provide a comprehensive report on the resource requirements and performance of the system.


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